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Downtown Rooftop Canopy

This rooftop sanctuary is the second phase of our Historic Condominium Renovation project MRA completed for our client several years prior. This project extends living onto the Rooftop of the downtown Fischer Studio Building.  In this phase MRA was engaged to craft the outdoor spaces of this rooftop garden and living area. Architect Nicolass Wilkens incorporated a small outdoor shelter with a fabric canopy that hoisted in the warmer months. The canopy and its support structure are inspired by sail structures, and the fabric canopy was produced by a local sail maker. Sustainably sourced wood products were chosen to create the flooring of the rooftop deck. Shou Sugi Ban (charred wood) siding is utilized for the walls of the canopy structure. Custom planters line the exterior of the deck, and are filled with beautifully tended vegetables and herbs. 


Wilkens Design Studio


Ross Eckert

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