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Boat House

Built in 1906 and commissioned in 1908, the USS Manzanita was deployed by the US Navy until after World War II. Though build in New Jersey the boat was moved to the West Coast and served along the Oregon coastline in various capacities including mail and provisions to regional lighthouses. In 1949 was saved from the wrecking ball when a Mercer Island librarian and her father purchased the boat and moved it onto land
where it has served as a small home ever since. MRA had the exciting opportunity to update and restore select areas of this unique home. MRA collaborated with the clients to carefully implement renovations that upgrade select modern features and systems while restoring and maintaining the original details of the boat. Work included renovation of kitchen, bathrooms, roofing, waterproofing, as well as finishes throughout. Our project
teams thrive on unique challenges and the Manzanita did not disappoint.


Robin Chell


South End Photography

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